Stories matter. According to an Indian Proverb, “Those who tell the stories rule the world.” We’ve been telling them since the Egyptian cravings on the wall. Stories make us relatable, human. It’s an old way to engage in a new market of putting your story on display.

Listen friend, every business, entrepreneur and organization has a story. A story that your clients are waiting for you to tell not sell.

As a storyteller strategist and heart felt producer I teach creativepreneurs how to find and amplify their voice to increase their influence and monetize their story.

Whether it’s Periscope, Facebook Live, an in-studio interview, pitching the media or creating content the focus is still YOUR STORY.

I would love to help you tell it.

What's your story? That is the question. Discovering the answer is the basis of why I started The REP Network, formerly REP Communications Network. It’s my passion, my calling to connect your story to the people which need to hear it. More than a decade in the television industry as a Television News Producer/Executive Producer, taught me a great deal about the story telling process. Humans desire human connection. Humans just don’t want to be sold, they want to be told. Your story is everything from the logo, tagline, facts and especially feelings. Yes, your brand; your story has a feeling.

Throughout my career, I have surrounded myself with creative professionals at the forefront of branding, marketing, media relations and crisis communications. I have worked to build powerful campaigns for corporate brands, small business owners and non-profits. My sweet spot is showing people how to find and amplify their voice for optimal media and marketing impact. If you want to be heard, it’s time for the sleepy giant to arise.  I want to teach you how to be more authentic, stop overthinking, and make real connections with the people you are called to serve. I want to help you to SHOW UP! Are you ready to take the plunge?

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  • My father is credited for my start in television news, making me watch the news when I was in the 4th grade
  • I’ve lived in Michigan, Georgia, New Jersey, New York and now South Carolina. I believe my fascination with sweet tea and grits make me a true Southern gal at heart
  • When I hit my 40th birthday I plan to buy a 1950’s Shelby Mustang, black or cherry red with Leopard print interior
  • I met my husband and Christ in college - tuition was worth every dime!
  • If you have not noticed by now, REP Network is actually the initials in my name
  • My Favorite words: AH-Mazing (Yes, said just like that), Tomfoolery and Awesome Sauce

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Roshanda is overseeing our media marketing. She is doing an amazing job, and it is just the beginning. Roshanda has gotten us two amazing hosts Miss South Carolina, Ali Rogers and Chelsea Washington of WIS New 10 Saturday Morning Show! She has already secured one TV interview and is working on another as we speak. Truly amazing! Thank you for your diligence and believing in this message and production! If you have any marketing needs, Roshanda Pratt is the woman for the job!

Jamila Bailey Writer & Producer, The Lovely Ducklings

Working with Roshanda is one of the best decisions that I have made in my business. She is full of wisdom and never afraid to step outside the box and help her clients think bigger. Roshanda tells business owners what they need to hear and then helps them put strategies in place to make necessary changes. I'm so grateful for Roshanda's insight and expertise and look forward to many more years of doing business together.

Jill Hart CWAHM Founder & Author

After working with Roshanda, I was able to get clarity of vision and a media friendly course of action. She is an excellent, enthusiastic media strategist who knows her business. Your business and or brand will go further and faster if you had her onboard. I'm honored to say she is my Media Coach!

Frederick "Fred" Jones Attorney, Author and Speaker

Mrs. Pratt recently presented information to our farmers market vendors about marketing and social media. She was very professional and, at the same time, her energy and enthusiasm for the subject matter kept everyone engaged. She shared valuable suggestions and ideas, encouraging the vendors to maximize marketing strategies and usage of social media to increase their sales and their presence, both online and at the market. Mrs. Pratt ensured that all vendors had the opportunity to ask questions, and she provided thorough responses. After the presentation, several vendors thanked me for inviting her, because they had learned so many new ideas and were excited to put them into practice. I would highly recommend Mrs. Pratt as an interactive, motivational, educational speaker about marketing and social media.

Chrys Tuttle Old Town Farmers Market Manager, Rock Hill, SC